Azealia Banks drags Kanye West over Teyana and Lana Del Rey

Azealia Banks drags Kanye West over Teyana and Lana Del Rey

Azealia Banks has dragged Kanye West over everything from his penchant for flaunting his wealth, to signing Teyana Taylor and helping Lana Del Rey score a clothing campaign

Kanye West has been dragged over everything from his Adidas contract and his penchant for flaunting his wealth to signing hip-hop artist Teyana Taylor to his record label and helping Lana Del Rey in a clothing campaign.

Banks took to Instagram stories today to criticize West.

“I’m also really kind of nauseated by all this name-dropping. Big deal Kanye I know the guys at Anderson Horowitz too can you please stop riding white dick and use the same power u used to get that white girl Lana an h&m campaign on Teyana and make her a wealthy black woman?” She wrote on the first slide.

Andreessen Horowitz is a Silicon Valley investor who is close to West and whom he recently praised on Instagram. Banks mentions Lana Del Rey’s H&M Campaign, which she starred in in 20212, in the same sentence.

Banks also addressed R&B artist Teyana Taylor, who was signed to West’s record label, G.O.O.D Music, in 2012 but has stated publicly that she feels unappreciated by the label.

Taylor was rumored to have been removed from the record because Kim Kardashian was jealous of her; however, the Kardashian has since showered Taylor with praise and hired her as a model for her shapewear brand Skims.

Banks continued her tirade, “Teyana was ur little boo for a second and she was 19. You made ALOT Of promises to that girl but all you’ve done is think I care about “fade” a beat u sent me in 2012 that I told u fierce was better than.

When you can be open to yourself about how u fucked Teyana over via contract just because Kim was jealous. You will realize that you’ve been so busy criticizing women and STEALING ART FROM EVERYONE, bullying your own daughter….. That u deserve to be stolen from.”

The ‘212’ rapper also called West out for flaunting his wealth, and repeatedly reminding fans that he is the “richest black man alive”.

“Every time u wanna brag about being the richest black man in other black men’s faces, remember that you will never be the richest MAN because ur still black U brought a stolen render of an airplane to the Oval Office.”

“For every Kanye billionaire west there are 30 richer white billionaires who made their fortunes designing the traps u walk right into. Maybe it’s time to realize you don’t really HAVE anything.

“Addidas wasn’t going to make u a billionaire and not keep rights to the name of the shoe. Just be realistic and stop trying to paint the white people you traded out plenty of black investors for – for your obsession with white approval.

“I also hope you know how insignificant your fortune is on a cultural level: a black man selling sneakers…… None of the white niggas lu dick rides think that is the future. It’s a stereotype beyond measure.

“Real rich people want no one to know they have money. They’re not interested in fame or celebrity. You’re gonna fuck around and lose it all again And let me guess, blame that on racism too?


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