Celebrities are ditching Johnny Depp: Over 100 Celebrities Allegedly Withdraw support?

Celebrities are ditching Johnny Depp: Over 100 Celebrities Allegedly Withdraw support?

Recently JD fans through a crowdfund ended up unsealing documents from the court that was as huge as 6600 pages, which are now causing trouble to Depp.

Johnny Depp has struggled to find love again in Hollywood after his legal drama with ex-wife Amber Heard.  Despite the Virginia court’s order, there is still a lot going on.

While both sides have made appeals, several celebrities, like Robert Downey Jr., Sophie Turner, and Jason Momoa, have raised doubts about their support and have chosen to remain neutral.

According to woinews reported, as most people are aware, JD fans recently used a crowdfund to access court documents as huge as 6600 pages.

The intention was to dig up dirt on Amber Heard, but that did not materialize. From texting with Marilyn Manson to erectile dysfunction admissions and unprofessional behavior on Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 sets, sensitive information was exposed.

As a result of this, as many as 105 celebrities withdrew their likes from Johnny Depp’s post celebrating his success after winning the trial against Amber Heard. Among others on the list are Robert Downey Jr., Sophie Turner, Joey King, and Bella Hadid.

As most people are aware, shortly after losing the trial, Amber Heard issued an official statement and even claimed that she would be taken away from social media.

Despite being on vacation, the Aquaman actress has not posted anything since then. According to reports, Johnny Depp has taken similar action as a result of the disclosed documents.

According to Geo TV, Johnny chose to take a break from social media after seeing glimpses of his concert with Jeff Beck amid the controversy caused by the unsealed documents. His last post was almost a week ago, and he didn’t even provide the first look at his next French film, Jeanne Du Barry.


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