Johnny Depp Says His $10 Million Judgement against Amber Heard Was Fair

Johnny Depp Says His $10 Million Judgement against Amber Heard Was Fair

Johnny Depp laughed at Amber Heard‘s motion to overturn her jury verdict because it was excessive… retaliated by saying that the $10 million verdict represents the loss she truly experienced as a result of his libel.

Since Amber’s Op-Ed appeared in the Washington Post in 2018, he has been unemployed according to Johnny’s attorneys. He didn’t participate in a single studio production until October 2020. The lawyers merely state that they agree with the $10 million judgment.

As per vanity fair, Depp’s legal docs really mention one of Johnny Depp’s agents negotiating for the $22.5 million sixth installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. The producer Jerry Bruckheimer was all in and stated she really wanted Johnny just before the Op-Ed was published.

As you are aware, Johnny was persona non grata in production after the Op-Ed.

According to Johnny’s attorneys, he used specialists to demonstrate during the trial that his actual loss exceeded $10 million—it was more than $40 million.

Long story short…Johnny’s lawyers say Amber is grasping at straws.

The news first emerged on TMZ. Amber demanded a single jury be declared fraudulently impaneled in court filings she filed last week. His legal team claims the guy was summoned, but the man’s son filed a lawsuit and was selected as a juror, which according to the man’s legal team should be grounds for a new trial. Johnny’s squad responded. Amber could have retaliated at the beginning of the trial but chose not to, so it’s unfortunate for her.

The post-Johnny Depp Pushes Back on Amber Heard, My $10 Million Judgment Was Fair appeared first in California News-Times.


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