Kim Kardashian is expected to date older actor after they were spotted getting cozy at a charity event: Fans’ prediction

Kim Kardashian is expected to date older actor after they were spotted getting cozy at a charity event: Fans’ prediction

KARDASHIAN fans have jokingly predicted that Kim will date an older actor after she was seen with him at a charity event. Kim, 41, recently shared photos on Instagram of herself and Happy Days star Henry Winkler, 76, rubbing shoulders at a charity event.

As a joke, fans on a popular Kardashian forum page started romantically linking the two. “Kim did mention she’s interested in dating someone ‘older’ and this isn’t the first time they’ve met,” reads the title of the Reddit thread.

Other jumped in on the obvious sarcasm, with some adding quotes from Henry’s popular shows including Arrested Development, where he played inept lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn. One fan wrote: “He’s one of my favorite TV lawyers and since Kim’s also a lawyer it would be perfect!”

Another referenced the actor’s famous character on Happy Days: “The Fonz would never!” Henry can also be seen in the HBO show, Barry. For over 40 years, the actor has been married to his wife, Stacey Weitzman.

Kim recently attended his daughter Zoe’s non-profit fundraising event. It’s All About Humanity. The campaign raises funds and awareness for organizations that help separated families at the border.

The Hulu star shared a series of photos preparing for the event, including some of her chatting with Zoe’s famous father, which sparked the witty thread. Kim ended her nine-month relationship with Pete Davidson, 28, last month.

Since then, fans have been trying to guess who Kim’s next boyfriend will be. Many people believe they’ve seen a slew of clues to the actress and her ex-husband Kanye West being back together.

For weeks, the TV personality has appeared to be dropping hints that she has rekindled her romance with the rapper. Fans believe Kim gave another hint that the ex-couple is working on their relationship in a social media post.

The alleged evidence was posted on an online platform, and it showed a photo Kim previously posted of herself wearing boots with Snoop Dogg’s face printed on them. The model was crouched down in the photo, posing for a mirror selfie in her $60 million mansion’s massive walk-in closet.

Kim wore an all-black ensemble consisting of a form-fitting bodysuit, tight pants, and thigh-high boots. Kim’s outfit was shared on the thread, sparking rumors that the former couple is back together.

One person commented: “It almost feels like because he’s not styling her anymore and she doesn’t do well styling herself, she’s just watching what he wears and then wearing a variation of that.”


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