MacKenzie Scott, a billionaire philanthropist finalized her divorce from her second husband Dan Jewett

MacKenzie Scott, a billionaire philanthropist finalized her divorce from her second husband Dan Jewett

MacKenzie Scott, the billionaire philanthropist, is said to have finalized her divorce from her second husband, Dan Jewett. She filed for divorce in September. Mr. Jewett’s name was reportedly removed from her list of other ultra-wealthy persons who had promised to give up half their money before death, as per Independent reports.

Ms. Scott is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife. The couple’s divorce was concluded on January 10, according to the Daily Beast. According to a copy of the filing, Ms. Scott filed a divorce petition in the King County Superior Court in Washington State last year, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Jewett promised to join Ms. Scott’s pledge when the couple married, but his name was later removed from her pledge. Mr. Jewett vowed to join Ms. Scott’s commitment when the couple married, but his name was afterward removed from her pledge. According to the Times, previous recipients of the couple’s grants thanked both Ms. Scott and Mr. Jewett, while more recent recipients solely thanked the former.

Ms. Scott, an author, also removed Mr. Jewett’s name from her Amazon author bio. Ms. Scott began quickly contributing portions of her great riches to charitable causes following her divorce from Mr. Bezos and subsequent status as a billionaire. She has given more than $12 billion in three years.

According to Bloomberg research, Ms. Scott’s net worth was estimated at around $62bn which at one time dropped to $27.8bn owing to a fall in the stock market and she vowed in a 2019 letter on her Giving Pledge page to “keep at it until the safe is empty”.

The Times reviewed the Giving Pledge website on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, which preserves old web pages, and found that Ms. Scott and Mr. Jewett were pictured together just a week ago. However, the site later only featured a picture of Ms. Scott.

In his pledge that was previously featured on the site, Mr. Jewett said he was “grateful for the exceptional privilege it will be to partner in giving away assets with the potential to do so much good when shared.” Ms. Scott gave two Beverly Hills residences for $55 million to the California Community Foundation last year. The only name mentioned in a press release that announced the contribution was Ms. Scott’s.

On Tuesday, Ms. Scott allegedly contributed another $15 million to the Health Forward Foundation and a $20 million grant to the Houston-based Episcopal Health Foundation. Mr. Jewett was not mentioned in any of the announcements.

Mr. Jewett and Ms. Scott married in 2021. Before his marriage to Ms. Scott, Mr. Jewett worked as a teacher at Seattle’s private Lakeside School. He finished his term but departed because he thought his presence on campus had become a distraction after the media turned there to cover his high-profile marriage.


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