Shereé Whitfield’s New Boyfriend is a Hot Topic in ‘RHOA’ Season 14 Reunion Trailer: ‘He’s a 10 Out of 10’

Shereé Whitfield’s New Boyfriend is a Hot Topic in ‘RHOA’ Season 14 Reunion Trailer: ‘He’s a 10 Out of 10’

Shereé Whitfield also refutes allegations that she underwent plastic surgery at the RHOA reunion, saying to fellow cast member Drew Sidora, “This is all natural, honey. Squats not shots, honey.”

Shereé Whitfield’s romantic life is in the spotlight in the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14 reunion trailer.

The explosive reunion special’s first look was released by Bravo on Friday, and in it, host Andy Cohen immediately brings up Whitfield’s new beau, real estate tycoon and reality star Martell Holt.

“What can you tell me about your new boo?” Cohen, 54, asks Shereé, 52. “He’s like, a 10 out of 10.”

Then Kenya Moore adds her comments, telling the group, “I heard that D is a 10 out of 10,” which makes a captivated Shereé laugh aloud.

Sanya Richards-Ross, a rookie on the RHOA and four-time Olympic gold champion, makes fun of Shereé’s ex-boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams by saying, “Shereé no more TPT.”

“Two-pump Ty,” Shereé explains of the acronym, giving Kenya and Kandi Burruss a good laugh.

Shereé and co-star Drew Sidora also fought during the reunion, and Shereé teased Drew by saying, “Drop it with who?” referencing Drew’s workout program, Drop it with Drew.

Drew, 37, takes her own dig at Shereé’s athleisure line and says, “Basically I’m an investor in She by Shereé now.”

She later tells Shereé, “I have Cash Apps from people wanting to send me sex tapes of you.”

“I would love to see that,” Shereé sarcastically responds as she smiles and sticks out her tongue.

At another point, Drew calls out Shereé for plastic surgery she’s allegedly received.

Drew says, “You’ve had your breasts done, your booty … We’ve all had something done.”

Shereé immediately denies the claims, telling Drew, “My booty? Bitch, you crazy. This is all natural, honey. Squats not shots, honey.”

As per People, Shereé also has disagreements with Kandi, 46, and confronts the Xscape singer for talking about her in her YouTube feature, Speak On It, which frequently recaps RHOA episodes.

“You talk about me every week on your show and I get it, ’cause I’m good clickbait,” Shereé tells Kandi, who then responds, “You think I need you for clickbait?”

Kenya and Marlo Hampton’s broken friendship takes a front seat, later in the teaser, with Kenya seemingly revealing Marlo’s real name.

“Everything about you is fake, Marlo. Your name is not even your real name, Latoya Hutchinson!” Kenya says.

At one point, things get emotional for Sanya as Andy points out, “She’s crying.”

But Drew, who fans saw have a fall out with the track star on the 14th season, didn’t seem phased.

She says, “She has tears. There’s tears coming out.”

Kenya then notes, “That’s crying.”

Of course, the husbands also appear, with Aaron Ross, Sanya’s husband, and Ralph Pittman, Drew’s husband, both sporting stylish white attire. Todd Burruss, Kandi’s husband, who is dressed in all black, jokes, “I’m the lead, those are my backups.”

Following Drew’s discovery that Ralph’s female aide had offered to give him a massage, Andy swiftly jumps into the marital problems that Ralph and Drew experienced early in the season.

“Ralph, I’m looking to get a massage after the reunion. Do you know anybody I can call?” Andy jokes.


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