Wendy Williams Shows Swollen Foot, Says She Only Has “Maybe Five Percent” Of Feeling In Feet Left Amid Her Battle With Lymphedema

Wendy Williams Shows Swollen Foot, Says She Only Has “Maybe Five Percent” Of Feeling In Feet Left Amid Her Battle With Lymphedema

Wendy Williams says that she only has “maybe five percent” of the feeling in her feet left amid her battle with lymphedema.

The 57-year-old spoke to TMZon Tuesday and lifted up her swollen calf to demonstrate to viewers how her condition has improved since quitting anchoring “The Wendy Williams Show,” which ended on June 17.

“Do you see this? [My foot] is up and down. I can only feel maybe five percent of my feet, do you understand?” she explained, clarifying that she doesn’t need the help of a wheelchair to move around and can “stand up” on her own.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a blockage in the lymphatic system, which is a component of the immune and circulatory systems, is what causes lymphedema.

Williams disclosed her illness in 2019 when pap images revealed her swollen ankles. She also has Graves’ disease, which causes an overproduction of thyroid hormones, according to the Mayo Clinic.

However, she claimed to be doing “better than” anyone when the publication inquired how she was feeling “physically”.

As per newsbreak, the television star also stated that she was “100 percent retired” from “The Wendy Williams Show,” but was willing to put in an hour or two as a guest host for “The View.”

Williams, though, won’t vanish into obscurity just because she’s leaving television, despite her decision. The veteran broadcaster even revealed that she will launch her own podcast, which will increase her income and leisure time.

“When you’re famous, podcasts will make more money for me, being famous, than doing ‘The Wendy Williams Show,’” she explained.

“The Wendy Williams Show,” which first aired in 2008, ended earlier this month, and sadly, all of its iconic props were thrown out.

A production source told The Sun at the time, “The wigs are still there since she didn’t come and get them so they’re being thrown out.

“The [Big Purple Chair] is just going to be thrown out,” the source added. “Production is not even bothering to try to donate the chair to a museum – as ‘The View’ did with their original table after 10 years. They gave it to The Smithsonian.” 

For the 13-season finale of her show, Williams did not appear. Prior to this, Page Six had the exclusive information that staff members were agonizing over how to bring her back for the finale.

“People want her to come back,” a source said at the time. “A lot of people — especially the mid-and low-level producers – signed up for the job because of Wendy. It feels like it’s just going to end [without her]. It’s weird.”


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