Nicki Minaj says Drake Is Hiding His Billionaire Status

Nicki Minaj says Drake Is Hiding His Billionaire Status

Nicki Minaj says Drake Is Hiding His Billionaire Status Drake is Secretly a Billionaire: Nicki Minaj claims

According to Nicki Minaj, Drake is the only billionaire she knows who won’t reveal just how much he is worth.

Nicki Minaj just made a surprising claim regarding the wealth of her “very rich” friend Drake.

At the Young Money reunion in Toronto this weekend, the NYC rapper performed alongside Drake and Lil Wayne. On Tuesday, August 9, Nicki posted a video of herself getting on a plane, likely to return from the concert, via Drake, on her Instagram Stories. Nicki Minaj claims that her “billionaire” Canadian friend made everything right for her.

“Look. This is what happens when you get rich,” she began before quickly correcting herself. “I’m sorry, prosperous, a very rich, rich, rich, rich, Canadian friend who’s the only billionaire that I know that don’t want people to know he’s a billionaire. I get it, but…” she added but then trailed off. Check out the video below.

Champagne Papi’s actual net worth is unknown, although earlier this year he mocked his presence on a Hip-Hop rich list. Drake is ranked fourth with $50 million in earnings in Zack O’Malley Greenburg’s list of the highest-paid Hip Hop singers for 2021, which was released.

Greenburg is a former senior editor at Forbes. Drake replied with a single laughing emoji, suggesting that he might have made much more.

Nicki Minaj Jokes That Drake Is Her Ex Nicki Minaj posted a picture of herself boarding the plane earlier on Tuesday, August 9th, in the meantime. Along with the sweet video, she also referred to Sandi Graham, Drizzy’s mother, as “my ex-mom-in-law.”

Drake laughs in the background as Nicki jokes, “tell your son don’t speak to me no more.” The pair then carried on the banter in the comments section.

“Barbz I’m gagging,” Drake penned, adding, “It’s the everything for meeeeee…” Nicki Minaj gently teased him in response, writing, “You still didn’t even say it right. Bye MR. CHAMPAGNE,” she wrote


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