King Charles gushes over William in a Christmas speech but fails to mention Harry or Meghan: ‘shining a light on practical examples’

King Charles gushes over William in a Christmas speech but fails to mention Harry or Meghan: ‘shining a light on practical examples’

King Charles III gave the royal Christmas Day address for the first time this year following the death of his beloved mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Thousands of British Royal fans wondered if King Charles would mention Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after their controversial departure from Royal responsibilities and their recent Netflix documentary series.

The controversial series covers their romance from its beginnings through their marriage, as well as the hardships that prompted them to abandon their full-time jobs with the Royal Family. In his Christmas Day address, Charles mentioned The Queen and Prince Philip, as well as those who had lost loved ones this year.

The King went on to emphasize the importance of community in times of adversity, saying, “The Prince and Princess of Wales recently visited Wales, shining a light on practical examples of this community spirit.” While William and Kate were mentioned, Charle said nothing about Harry and Meghan.

It comes after Royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams predicted that Harry and Meghan would not be mentioned at all and that Charles’ speech would instead be a homage to his late mother – and he was correct. In today’s address – shot near The Queen’s last resting place earlier this month – Charles paid tribute to his parents before speaking of the ‘trust in people’.

He then thanked those who have been ‘wonderfully kind’ to others during this tough year and cost of living crisis. “I am standing here in this lovely Chapel of St George at Windsor Castle, so near to where my loving mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, lies put to rest with my dear father,” King Charles stated.

“I am reminded of the heartfelt letters, cards, and notes that so many of you have written my wife and me, and I cannot thank you enough for your love and sorrow for our entire family.” Christmas is a very difficult time for those of us who have lost loved ones. “We feel their absence at every familiar turn of the season and remember them in every treasured custom.

In the much-loved hymn O Little Town Of Bethlehem, we sing of how ‘in thy dark streets shineth the eternal light’. “My mother’s belief in the power of that light was an integral aspect of her faith in God, but also her faith in people and it is one which I share with my entire heart.

“It is a belief in each person’s remarkable power to touch the lives of others with goodness and compassion and to shed a light in the world around them. This is the heart of our community and the foundation of our society. “While Christmas is, of course, a Christian holiday, the force of light overcoming darkness is celebrated beyond the boundaries of faith and belief,” King Charles concluded his Christmas speech.


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