Kardashian fans make fun of Kylie Jenner after she shows ‘AWFUL’ new hairstyle in ‘cringe’ pic

Kardashian fans make fun of Kylie Jenner after she shows ‘AWFUL’ new hairstyle in ‘cringe’ pic

KARDASHIAN fans are popping off against Kylie Jenner‘s new hairstyle, which featured cornrow-type braids.

The reality star debuted her new ‘do while actually trying to advertise her lip gloss.

In an Instagram post, Kylie, 24, showed off her most recent hairdo while frowning and leaning to the side.

She was dressed in a pink frilly top that plunged deep and revealed plenty of cleavages, tmz reported.

Kylie’s lips pursed just a little as she showed her glossy lip.

She captioned the photo: “@kyliejenner ⁠in ‘almost ready'” before adding the tease: “Shop the new matte liquid lips on kyliecosmetics.com”

But fans in the comments section weren’t buying her new look.

“Awful picture,” one follower stated bluntly.

Another added: “Bad angle to show a lip color, lol.”

While one person took issue with her whole company: “Same s**t, different packaging.”


Kylie is not the first sister to receive criticism for her choice of haircut.

Khlo was charged with cultural appropriation in May after an old video of her wearing tight braids on her hair surfaced.

In the TikTok video, Khloe, 37, is seen putting lip gloss at an event while Kylie talks with her.

But Khloe’s hair was all that fans could look at.

Not the braids,” one commenter wrote.

Another chimed in: “Not the cultural appropriation.”

Someone else echoed that sentiment, writing: “mmmm yes cultural appropriation queen.”

“they still ain’t learned their lesson with the braids,” a fourth critic commented.

In April, Khloe faced criticism once more after a photo of her with a typically Black hairdo appeared.

In the 2016 picture, her blonde hair was styled in a variety of tight buns.

The star’s hairstyle drew criticism from one person who labeled her a “cultural appropriator.”

“This is Bantu knots which is a traditional African hairstyle. It was really popular amongst AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN at the time as a low maintenance style for natural hair,” they wrote.

“Of course, this cultural appropriator thought it was okay to put in her hair. Ugh.”


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