Kourtney Kardashian has shaded her younger sister Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Travis Scott.

Kourtney Kardashian has shaded her younger sister Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Travis Scott.

The reality star, 43, took a swipe at their romance while discussing her marriage to Travis Barker, 46.

Kourtney was asked about her and Travis’ nickname “Kravis” during the runway show for her new Boohoo line.

She said: “I love the name Kravis” It’s so funny. Travis said to me the other day, ‘Is Kylie and Travis‘ name Kravis also?’ and I’m like, ‘No!’

“But why wasn’t it? Because they were before us.”

Reporter Erin Lim replied: “That’s so true. There will never be another Kravis.”

Kourtney agreed, saying: “No. But I do love the name, Kravis. We refer to ourselves as Kravis sometimes.”

The mother-of-three then defended their PDA moments, saying she doesn’t regret any of them because she lives “in the moment.”

Her remarks come amid speculation that Kourtney has been estranged from her sisters in recent months.

Last month, Kourtney appeared to mock Kim’s strict Instagram aesthetic.


She shared a screenshot of her most recent Instagram posts, which included photos of her with her husband Travis Barker and her children.

The snaps were not color coordinated, ranging from pink and green to white, blue, and black.

Kourtney’s post appeared to be a subtle dig at Kim, who was caught earlier this year photoshopping her niece Stormi to fit the rigid “aesthetic” of her Instagram feed.

Kourtney also appeared to criticize Kim and Kylie Jenner for flying in private jets earlier that month.


Kim and Kylie have both come under fire for flying on their multimillion-dollar private jets.

Despite the backlash, Kourtney posted a photo of the commercial plane she was flying in with her family on her way back to Los Angeles from Cleveland.

She had previously stated that she was “obsessed” with “flying commercials.”

Poosh, Kourtney’s company, recently announced plans to launch a new skincare line, directly competing with her Kim’s SKKN and Kylie’s Kylie Cosmetics.

She recently advertised her skincare line in collaboration with Alkaglam on her Instagram.

Kourtney’s absence from Kylie’s lavish 25th birthday party on a massive yacht fueled rumors of sibling rivalry.

The celebrations included a special firework show, the opening of personalized gifts, and plenty of liquor.

Kim joined the drinking circle and shot a shot with the birthday girl.


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