Kylie Jenner Hits Back at TikTok Troll Who Criticized Her Lips: ‘Go Off’

Kylie Jenner Hits Back at TikTok Troll Who Criticized Her Lips: ‘Go Off’

Kylie Jenner responded against a troll on TikTok who made fun of her famously big lips.

It all started over the weekend after the reality star shared a video of her and her best friend StassieKaranikolaou dancing.

The two appeared to be using the same lip color in the video, along with a bold lip liner that dramatically improved the size and shape of their lips.

One mouthy critic reportedly left a comment on the post saying, “The lips, please.”

“It’s the filter but go off,” Jenner, 25, wrote back, according to The Sun.

As per usmagazine, several of Jenner’s supporters instantly expressed their support for her amazing clap-back.

“It’s the filter but go off I’d cry myself to sleep after that,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“Why is everyone talking bout the lips when she literally looks fine… goes do sun else w ur life,” another said in Jenner’s defense.

“Kylie woke up and chose violence and I’m living for that 😂,” a third added.

However, several others agreed with the critic and poked fun at Jenner’s inflated lips.

“At this point just put lipstick on ur nose,” someone wrote, with a second adding, “Unnatural queens 🌟.”

“Your beautiful but stop with the lips before it’s too much you’re truly stunning,” another opinionated TikTok user suggested.

“They got an allergic reaction?” a jokester asked, with another adding, “I’m sorry I just can’t do the lips.”

Karanikolaou, for her part, seemed to ignore all the haters, writing in the comments section, “I love you.”

Initially, Jenner, who began injecting filler into her lips when she was 17 years old, denied ever using lip fillers.

She initially put it down to some significant overlining but has subsequently admitted it. In July 2018, she took a brief break from the cosmetic surgery, but by October of the same year, she had resumed using injections.

Her lip filler journey inspired her to launch her own makeup empire, Kylie Cosmetics.


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