Man Accused of Shooting and Robbing Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Sentenced to Four Years in Jail

Man Accused of Shooting and Robbing Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Sentenced to Four Years in Jail

According to authorities, one of those charged in the shooting and robbery of Lady Gaga‘s dog walker in Los Angeles received a four-year prison term on Wednesday.

According to Greg Risling, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, 20-year-old Jaylin White entered a plea of not guilty to one count of second-degree robbery and acknowledged that one of the group members was allegedly carrying a weapon at the time of the incident.

Rising informed CNN that other accusations made against White were dropped. According to the DA’s office, he had previously been charged with conspiring to commit robbery and one count of attempted murder.

Dramatic surveillance video captured the shooting and dog-napping on February 24. It showed at least two men accosting Ryan Fischer, who was walking the star’s three French bulldogs.

A physical altercation ensued. The video shows one attacker holding the victim while another seems to be brandishing a gun.

Then, the victim hears a gunshot, and the attackers run back to a car while the victim stumbles to the ground. Fischer, who was hit by gunfire and suffered life-threatening injuries, survived the assault.

Suspect mistakenly released from custody is recaptured

Koji and Gustav, two of the dogs that were taken by the attackers, were found after the singer announced a $500,000 reward.

Weeks after the shooting and robbery, White and four other people were detained. They included two people who faced charges of accessory after the fact.

James Jackson, one of the suspects, was inadvertently freed from police custody in April as a result of what officials called “a clerical error.”

Following a search by various law enforcement organizations, including the US Marshal Service, Jackson was discovered and taken into jail on Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

As per CNN, Jackson is being detained on attempted murder charges. Charges are still pending against a third suspect in the case.


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