Michelle Obama is living a separate life from Barack after recent fights: Reports

Michelle Obama is living a separate life from Barack after recent fights: Reports

Is it? Obama, Michelle Do you believe she is making it on her own? According to a newspaper, Michelle is leaving Barack’s shadow and pursuing a whole different career.

Michelle Obama ‘Launches A Separate Life’?

This Week, Globe Michelle Obama is reportedly relocating to Hollywood. The report claims that Michelle Obama is leaving her husband to meet celebrities. According to an insider, “She’s accepting invites without Barack, hobnobbing with celebrities, and hosting private luncheons and dinners in LA.”

“She prefers the California climate and has shoved Barack aside feeling he’s basically useless when it comes to her agenda.”

It appears that Michelle is thinking of devoting her entire attention to Higher Ground, the production firm she and Barack founded. According to sources, Michelle has been acting strangely lately, and Barack is growing worried.

When she was seen embracing Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton while visiting Miami, Michelle supposedly caused quite a fuss at home, as per Suggest reports.

“Lewis is two decades younger than her, but Michelle acts like she’s a schoolgirl with a crush around him,” A tipster is a squeal. But despite her husband’s worries, Michelle is said to be embracing her new life without the former president. “With him out of the picture, she feels there’s nothing she can’t do!” The snitch is done.

Are Michelle And Barack Obama Drifting Apart?

This report is unusual. It seems like we’re talking about a completely different person because of the tabloid’s offensive picture of Michelle Obama. But let’s look at what the former first lady has been doing lately.

First, we’ll give in on this: Higher Ground is two new movies in working. Yes, Michelle and Barack have greater confidence than ever in the joint production firm they co-own, despite the magazine not even bothering to mention it.

But it’s equally important to note that Michelle’s activism hasn’t slowed down. She recently took a plane to California to attend the Democracy Summit.

She appeared alongside her husband to support the Obama Foundation’s work to help student in Chicago’s south side.

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Mrs. Obama most recently wrote an essay.

So, when we consider all of Michelle’s philanthropic causes, we just aren’t seeing the California dreamer obsessed with fame that the magazine paints.

The tabloid’s fixation on Michelle’s fleeting encounter with Lewis Hamilton, though, is the most telling. The Globe Michelle has consistently asserted that she was infatuated with Hamilton during the past three weeks.

Michelle simply gave Hamilton a hug during her brief visit, as we have reported in each article on the Obamas. That’s the extent of her alleged “crush,” and the two haven’t really spoken to one another again since.

The Tabloid on Michelle and Barack Obama

We were fully aware of what we were getting into with this. Globe. The Obama family has been the subject of years of relentless journalistic investigation. According to the source, Michelle and Barack were at odds last year. Going Hollywood means spending.

The article then alleged that Michelle was actively enticing her daughters’ boyfriends away. Earlier this year, Michelle was charged with chasing away the boyfriends of her daughters in a tabloid article. In her union with Barack, she was “at the end of her rope.”

Naturally, we are hesitant to believe anything the Globe claims to be true regarding the former first family.


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