Nicolle Wallace claims Republicans aren’t running on anti-crime policies on ‘The View’

Nicolle Wallace claims Republicans aren’t running on anti-crime policies on ‘The View’

Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC attacked Republicans on Monday for attacking Democrats on issues such as inflation and crime while allegedly having no plans to combat either.

The anchor of “Deadline: White House” was a guest on ABC’s “The View” when the conversation inevitably turned to the midterm elections and whether Democratic candidates had properly appealed to voters.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, who has to remind viewers that she is a Republican, praised ex-Republican flack Wallace’s brilliance and sought her political advice.

“Well, you’re doing incredible work, but you’re a brilliant political mind so we have to ask about the midterms,” Farah Griffin said. “Some of the critiques of Democrats with the notion that there may be a red wave is they were too late to get the messaging right and focus more on the economy and the issues the voters cared the most about.

What is your read? Do you think the focus on Roe being reversed is enough to bring people out for Democrats or do you think it was late in the messaging game?” 

Wallace, a former “The View” co-host, agreed that “news cycle” topics don’t always translate into votes, but he also insisted that Republicans haven’t offered any alternatives to attacking Democrats.

“I think I hear what you are saying about the news cycles, but I think we all know that it doesn’t always track with what people, you know, either leave or leave for work to go vote for, and again, I think we’ll see.

I watched the Pennsylvania events over the weekend with Josh Shapiro and President Obama, and I mean, they’re taking a message that ties all those things together to the country, and again, we’ll see tomorrow if [voters] understand that bashing Democrats about inflation doesn’t mean that Republicans are promising to fix inflation. I haven’t seen one promise to fix it,” Wallace said.

She added, “And bashing Democrats about, what else are they mad about? Crime. I haven’t seen a Republican campaign rooted in ending crime.

I worked in Republican politics in the ’90s when they were. They were Republicans and you can hate all the policies, but they were running on mandatory sentencing. No Republican is running on anti-crime policies.” 

Despite Wallace’s claim that no Republican candidate is “running on anti-crime policies,” several Republican candidates have discussed crime in their campaigns.

Despite Gov. Kathy Hochul, D-N.Y., insisting that concerns about crime are part of a GOP “conspiracy,” Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin has frequently highlighted his state’s crime issues.

Zeldin was attacked on a campaign stage, and he was later shot outside his home.


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