Parents of baby who died of hospital mistakes issue warning to other parents

‘It was the worst experience ever, something that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy

The father of a tragic twin who died after a hospital trust failed to provide basic medical care for his meningitis is warning parents about sepsis to avoid the same tragedy.

Kingsley Olasupo died on April 18, 2019, at the Royal Bolton Hospital, after being diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and sepsis.

Healthcare workers missed signs of infection and assumed Kingsley’s condition was due to his premature birth. Coroner Peter Sigee determined that Kingsley died as a result of natural causes exacerbated by neglect.

Three and a half years after the tragedy, Kingsley’s parents, Tunde Olasupo and Nicola Daley have spoken out about their grief, setting up a youth center to help struggling children and educating parents on the signs of sepsis to help them prevent them from going through the same agony.

Mr. Olasupo, 31, told the Manchester Evening News: “As young parents ourselves, we were very clueless.

“Whatever we got told by the doctors we believed, the experience would have been better if we had a clue as to what was happening, maybe we would have changed the outcome. Everything happened so very quickly, from the start to the finish it was awful, they treated him like he wasn’t a human at all.

“We never dreamt of this moment, we never wanted to be an example of what can go wrong but now that it’s happened we don’t want his memory to go in vain.

“We want to educate other parents so they don’t go through the traumatic experience we went through, so they’re more clued up as to what’s going on, what they need to be watching out for, especially around sepsis. It was the worst experience ever, something that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

“We are able to provide a professional nurse to help families going through similar situations with a nurse who can quickly intervene and give families information to make better-informed decisions.

That gives others the opportunity we weren’t given at the time and allows other people to understand what their rights are and educate people on how serious sepsis can be and how to prevent that from getting fatal.”

After experiencing the effect their son’s death had on his three siblings, the couple decided to set up a counseling service for bereaved children, as well as a food bank to assist low-income families. Believe Achieve is dedicated to Kingsley’s memory, with a memorial plaque outside the building featuring his picture and a brief description of his life.

Speaking about the project, Mr. Olasupo added: “One of the reasons why we created Believe Achieve is that the whole situation affected our confidence forever.

Kingsley was born a twin and his sister is with us always, every single morning we wake up and see his sister, and what happened to Kingsley is something we’ll have to explain to her as she grows up.

This makes things easier as his sister grows up and sees this helping other family from what happened to her brother, which helps us explain to her and helps her understand exactly what happened to him when they were both born.


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