Prince Harry Wasn’t Allowed to fly With Prince William back to Balmoral: Experts’ Opinion

Prince Harry Wasn’t Allowed to fly With Prince William back to Balmoral: Experts’ Opinion

Queen Elizabeth II’s family flocked to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle to be by her side in the days leading up to her passing on September 8. Her four children and Prince William, the grandson of the new King Charles III, who soon became the apparent heir to the British throne, were among the numerous guests she received. Prince Harry, William’s brother, was unable to arrive at Balmoral until several hours after she passed away, unlike William and the majority of other royals who were at least able to be present.

Princes William and Harry’s relationship is notoriously strained, largely as a result of Harry and his wife Meghan Markle leaving the royal family, but the real reason why Harry and William had to travel separately to Balmoral had nothing to do with their feelings for one another. In fact, the two sons of the new king are not allowed to fly together at all, as it turns out.

A crash involving William and Harry could have caused a constitutional crisis

It turns out, according to royal experts, that Buckingham Palace is the real reason Princes William and Harry aren’t allowed to fly together. Buckingham Palace is concerned that, in the worst-case scenario where both brothers pass away, there would be a “constitutional crisis” regarding the line of succession.

Royal author and constitutional expert Brian Hoey told The Sun that there is a “strong constitutional reason that William and Harry do not fly together — and that is to do with the line of succession.” Hoey said that while “events happened very quickly,” referring to the sudden and dramatic news of the queen’s ill health the morning of September 8, “They have had years to plan for all eventualities.” This, of course, includes the possibility of tragic and deadly accidents.


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