Prince Harry’s ultimatum to King Charles could Prevent Reunion

Prince Harry’s ultimatum to King Charles could Prevent Reunion

Everything is planned in the world of royalty, including where, when, and with whom you will meet. Even recreation with family and friends must be arranged, as Prince Harry is all too aware of.

Meanwhile, Meghan, who had spent so little time with the world’s most renowned royals, couldn’t believe it that she couldn’t pick up a phone and call the King or Queen. After all, they were family, weren’t they?
That closeness and willingness to connect is not extended to her own once-close father, so you get the idea.

But what the Duke of Sussex wants from his father is a lot of attention. Despite his age, Harry is still a child at heart, and this is the main problem with Harry and the King moving forward.

According to Fox News, Harry stated on international television that he wished every conversation he had with his father would be kept private. But the irony is that Harry said it while sitting in a TV studio, assuring the public that he wants his comments to stay private.

Now that he has agreed to return for the King’s coronation, Harry has requested a public apology to both him and Meghan.

Harry is refusing to get in touch with the family unless they have read his book “Spare” or watched the Netflix series. Harry feels that everything that needs to be communicated is on the screen, on paper, and clearly spoken.

I’m told Harry feels that his “issues” must be addressed not only with the King, but with the entire family, and that this is the only way to achieve any sort of peace. He’d prefer it if they could all sit around with Meghan, even if just through Zoom, since Harry feels that wrongdoings must be corrected.

The issue for Harry now is that the King hasn’t read “Spare” or seen the Netflix series because he doesn’t have time, not because he doesn’t care for his youngest. According to Harry, this is becoming increasingly annoying. On the other hand, William and Catherine have no wish to be associated with this type of activity, but Harry thinks this is the only option.

Unless the King accepts his youngest son’s polite request, there will be no dice. And this is especially true for Meghan, who believes she is entitled to a worldwide apology for her brief stint in the royal family.

So, unless the King gets streaming and moves through the dull book titled “Spare,” Harry, Meghan, and the freshly born Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet may have to wait a while before sitting across the royal supper table.
Meanwhile, Meghan may write on some more bananas and send them to the King that way.


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