Sophie Morgan ‘Heartbroken’ At Beyoncé’s ‘Deeply Offensive’ Lyrics

Sophie Morgan ‘Heartbroken’ At Beyoncé’s ‘Deeply Offensive’ Lyrics

Pop superstar Beyoncé has come under fire for adding a ‘deeply offensive’ phrase in one of the songs from her new album, according to Loose Women actress Sophie Morgan.

In record time, Queen Bey’s album Renaissance received praise from reviewers after being released on Friday, July 29. But when they reviewed some of the lyrics more closely, fans weren’t impressed.

One of them is Tv host Sophie Morgan, who was “heartbroken” when she heard the ableist term in Beyoncé’s new song, “Heated.” Sophie Morgan, who has been paralyzed from the chest down since she was 18, was one of those people.

Although the word in issue has previously been used as slang to denote “freak out” or “go wild,” it can also be used to demean a person with cerebral palsy.

Beyoncé has apologized through her publicist for any offense caused and promised that the offensive phrase will be removed after receiving criticism for using the slur in her song.

They stated in a statement that the lyric “was not intentionally used in a harmful way.”

Just a few weeks prior, singer Lizzo was forced to issue an apology after using the same offensive phrase in her new song, “GRRRLS.”

The error particularly infuriated Sophie Morgan, who now uses a wheelchair after being paralyzed in a car crash.

Speaking on the Loose Women panel of Ruth Langsford, Coleen Nolan, and Gloria Hunniford on Tuesday, 2 August, Sophie explained: “The word is a medical phrase but it basically got turned into an offensive term and so disabled people said we want to stop using it.

“So, the word is now what we call an ableist slur. It’s something that we fight very hard to have removed from the everyday lexicon.”

She continued: “When we see pop stars like Beyoncé using [the word], it is heart-breaking for lots of different reasons.

“But one of the reasons it’s particularly frustrating is that only six weeks ago another popstar, Lizzo, used the same term and it had a huge backlash.

“She very gracefully just said ‘right I get it sorry I didn’t realize I caused offense – I don’t want to offend anybody’ and she changed it.

“So all the disability advocates and the campaigners were like ‘thank you, ‘we don’t need to cancel anybody, there’s no need for that, this is about learning and education.

“We all hoped that this would be an example of a way in which somebody can teach the ways in which they offended someone and that they could learn from it and globally we can have a conversation that will enable us to therefore say look what Lizzo did, it won’t happen again.

“We all thought there was a change made and now less than two months later we’ve got Beyoncé, who is so influential, doing exactly the same thing.”

The disappointed panelist later added: “It almost feels like we have a step forward with Lizzo and five steps back or ten steps back with Beyoncé and it’s just a little bit demoralizing.”


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