Sylvester Stallone and their wife Jennifer Flavin were’ extremely happy’ after calling off their divorce

Sylvester Stallone and their wife Jennifer Flavin were’ extremely happy’ after calling off their divorce

The Stallones have returned. A month after the former model filed for divorce, Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin, decided to reconcile.

Sly’s representative told news outlets that the pair “decided to meet back up at home, where they talked and were able to work out their differences”.

“They’re both extremely happy.”

Early last week, the Rambo star hinted at a reconciliation by posting lovey-dovey photos of himself and his wife on Instagram.

The couple filed an order of abatement at the Palm Beach County Circuit Court the day after the telling social media post, which means they’re suspending the divorce proceedings.

According to the court filing, Jennifer (54) and Sylvester (76) agreed “that it’s in the best interests of each of them individually, and more importantly collectively as a family, to resolve all issues attendant to the dissolution of their marriage in a dignified, amicable and private manner out-of-court”.

“They’ve decided to let it ride again. They just decided to reverse course and try again,” a well-placed source says of the pair.

The action star and Serious Skincare founder recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, and they have three daughters: Sophia (26), Sistine (24), and Scarlet (20). (20).

Jennifer filed for divorce “for dissolution of marriage and other relief” from the Tulsa King star in August, and was seen without her wedding ring shortly afterward.

She alleged that Sylvester “engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets which has had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate.” He denied these allegations.

Sly then appeared to take permanent steps to cement the split by covering up two tattoos honoring his wife.

After her divorce filing, Jennifer told People magazine, “I’m sad to announce that after 25 years of marriage, I’ve filed for divorce from my husband Sylvester Stallone.

While we will no longer be married, I’ll always cherish the more than a 30-year relationship that we shared, and I know we’re both committed to our beautiful daughters. I ask for privacy for our family as we amicably move forward.”

The insiders claimed the dispute allegedly led to “an extremely heated argument that brought up other issues” in their marriage.

Sly later denied those rumors, telling news outlets, “We didn’t end the relationship on such a trivial argument.” He did, however, go on to admit that they disagreed on “how to care for the dog”, given that they often travel and share their time between two homes.


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