Tom Brady was spotted in New Orleans before the ’emotional’ Saints game, amid rumors of marital problems with their wife Gisele

Tom Brady was spotted in New Orleans before the ’emotional’ Saints game, amid rumors of marital problems with their wife Gisele

Tom Brady was seen leaving his hotel room in New Orleans, Louisiana, before an “emotional” game against the Saints on Sunday, while also dealing with rumored marital problems with his wife Gisele Bündchen.

The 45-year-old quarterback, who has seven Super Bowl rings, was spotted throwing an iPad on the sidelines between plays, which displayed an entirely different demeanor than his usual calm and collected persona on the field.

Earlier this week, it was reported that problems were growing in his relationship with the former supermodel, as she was seen crying into her cell phone while on a walk in New York with their daughter.

Tom and Gisele have been married for 13 years and have two children together. His 15-year-old son, John “Jack,” is co-parenting with his ex, Bridget Moynahan.

Tom arrived at the game ready for anything, wheeling his luggage and strolling through the lobby in a navy blue tracksuit and crisp white sneakers.

Brady held a press conference following his challenging game on Sunday and answered a few short questions. The former New England Patriots star tried to remain positive, but admitted he was human and let his “emotions” take the troll when he was seen yelling on the sidelines and then throwing an iPad.

“Just an emotional game,” Brady said during the team’s press conference after beating the Saints 20-10. “I think a little better execution helps all the way around.

The defense played great, the line fought hard, and all the guys that were in there fought hard. Tough team. Really well-coached. A team we really struggle with so feels good to win … just emotions.”

Part of the conflict in their marriage stems from Brady’s decision to come out of retirement earlier this year, predicting more time for him to spend with his family after years on the road as the all-time winning quarterback.

His on-field issues could be related to his rumored off-field issues with the Brazilian stunner. Tom and Gisele are reportedly trying to work out their problems, but it’s difficult because they’re living apart, with Bundchen in New York and Tom close to the team in Florida.

“Gisele was walking on her own on the West Side, crying into her mobile phone,” a witness recently told Page Six upon seeing the 42-year-old stunner walking in Tribeca.

Another source told Entertainment Tonight that Bündchen and Brady’s issues are more complicated than they appear because they can’t even see each other with hundreds of miles between them.

“Gisele has been telling Tom for a while he needs to spend more time with the family, and after he retired, she thought she was getting what she asked for,” a source told the outlet. “Once Tom decided to go back to the NFL, she was devastated. Gisele is very hurt.”

“Gisele is upset with Tom and wants some space right now,” another source added. “She is getting pushed to her limit. She has always supported Tom and has been there for him, but she is over it. She doesn’t think Tom has been himself lately.”


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