USA Representative R’Bonney Gabriel Takes: Crown Miss Universe Winner

USA Representative R’Bonney Gabriel Takes: Crown Miss Universe Winner

A new Miss Universe was crowned in New Orleans, Louisiana from the 84 beauty queens that competed in the pageant. Harnaaz Sandhu, the envoy from India and the previous year’s titleholder, crowned R’Bonney Gabriel of the United States as the new Miss Universe.

Andreina Martinez Founier of the Dominican Republic finished second, while Amanda Dudamel of Venezuela finished first.

Gabriel is a model, fashion designer, and sewing instructor. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and a Minor in Fibers. Gabriel also has her own sustainable clothing line. The beauty queen is the first Filipino-American to win Miss USA and according to her official bio, her “mission is for women and young girls to see themselves in her, and feel inspired to conquer their goals by owning who they are.”

The night started with the announcement of the Top 16 participants following a preliminary round.

Top 16: Ashley Cariño (Puerto Rico), Mideline Phelizor (Haiti), Monique Riley (Australia), Andreina Martinez Founier (Dominican Republic), Payengxa Lor (Laos), Ndavi Nokeri (South Africa), Telma Madeira (Portugal), Amelia Tu (Canada), Alessia Rovegno (Perú), Tya Jané Ramey (Trinidad & Tobago), Gabriëla Dos Santos (Curacao), Divita Rai (India), Amanda Dudamel (Venezuela), Alicia Faubel (Spain), R’Bonney Gabriel (USA) and María Fernanda Aristizábal (Colombia).

Following the competition of the beauty queens in evening gowns and bathing suits, the Top 5 were revealed to be the following: Amanda Dudamel (Venezuela), R’Bonney Gabriel (USA), Ashley Cariño (Puerto Rico), Gabriëla Dos Santos (Curacao) and Andreina Martinez Founier (Dominican Republic).

After a question round the Top 3 were revealed to be Andreina Martinez Founier (Dominican Republic), R’Bonney Gabriel (USA) and Amanda Dudamel (Venezuela).

Miss Congeniality was awarded to Sofia Depassier of Chile, the Social Impact Award was presented to Anna Sueangam-iam of Thailand, and the Spirit of Carnival Award was presented to Viktoria Apanasenko of Ukraine.

It was also revealed that the next Miss Universe competition will be held in El Salvador.


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