Move over Johnny Depp after his lawyer Camille Vasquez got his own fanbase

Move over Johnny Depp after his lawyer Camille Vasquez got his own fanbase

The attorney becomes a TikTok celebrity as a video of her viper-quick objections scores millions of views

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for defaming him in a 2018 Washington Post Op-Ed in which Heard claims the actor beat her severely — Depp is accused of ruining his career. But, just a week into the much-anticipated saga, another star appeared on Camille Vasquez, Depp’s legal team’s ace hole.

#camillevasquez has received over 980 million TikTok impressions. Her viper-quick rebuttal to Heard’s chief attorney, Ellen Bradehaft, was viewed approximately 30 million times on YouTube. A two-minute tic-tac-toe video of her courtroom interruptions entitled “Where did this woman earn her degree?”

Corresponding to a 1,820 % spike in Google searches for Southwestern Law School, Vasquez’s Alma Mater (searches for USC, Vasquez’s Undergraduate College, are shown above). 127%.) Another TikTok compares Vasquez to Rachel Jane, legal eagle Meghan Markle playing in a suit, as per JREVRADIO.

Vasquez’s striking white suit during her testimony was probably the most talked-about since Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Vasquez became an inspirational meme about a woman lawyer who shares Bruce Banner’s insane nature shortly after Disney + unveiled the teaser for the Marvel TV series She-Hulk on Wednesday. Hugs and selfies were exchanged between Depp supporters and Vasquez outside the Fairfax County Courthouse.

What about Vasquez, who was previously unknown and had several internal business grievances before signing up for the Decade of Celebrity Trials, which has attracted many people?

Camille Vasquez embraces her client Johnny Deep in a Virginia court. Photo: Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

Vasquez was born in San Francisco to parents from Cuba and Colombia. She is currently a partner at Brown-Rudnik, where she was recently voted one of the greatest lawyers to “see.” She had already aided Depp in his legal battles with her former lawyer Jake Bloom and former business manager Joel Mandel.

Vasquez, 37, entered the spotlight to testify for Chief Advocate Ben Chew and Amber Heard after remaining relatively low-key for the majority of the trial’s back-and-forth coverage. Vasquez, a young lady like Herd, seemed like a stronger questioner than Chew, who was in his middle age.

Vasquez declares herself on camera wearing a bradyhaft while interrogating her client, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. Vasquez raised many valid arguments, preventing Bradehoft from establishing facts in his client’s favor. At times, Vasquez began playing before Bradehoft asked his question. Judge Penny Azcaret requested Bradehoft to repeat his question after a series of objections. “I’m trying, I’m trying,” Bredehoft Huff responded after a little pause.

Vasquez’s performance tried to minimize the impact of Hurd’s testimony by focusing on some damaging physical evidence against Depp, such as threatening text messages and severe allegations of Hurd’s abuse and assault under oath.

Vasquez questioned Hurd’s credibility during his own cross-examination. Vasquez, among other things, showed a photo of an insecure herd shot in the wake of the actor’s alleged abuse and emphasized that the herd had broken its commitment to end her relationship with Depp.

Her response to the public opinion court is similar to Johnny Cochrane’s mid-90s breakout performance during the OJ Simpson trial. A commentator referred to Vasquez’s objection as a “hermit of the law.” Another grumbled: “I like how she knows when Amber plays with words, and she immediately stops him.”

Vasquez’s encounter with Depp sparked online rumors of the two having a romantic relationship – an idea that Vasquez laughed off when a paparazzi suggested outside of court. (Vasquez is alleged to be associated with a British real estate agent.)

Body language experts have suggested that the touch and hug shared by Depp and Vasquez were designed to soften Depp.

Her leading role shows the one-of-a-kind way this defamation lawsuit was created for the TV blockbuster. It’s one thing to have high-powered lawyers on the court; it’s quite another to have your own fan base.


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