‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus Have Settled Lawsuit, DeJesus Wrote In Gift Message “Alexa Play ‘Bitch Better Have My Money!”

‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus Have Settled Lawsuit, DeJesus Wrote In Gift Message “Alexa Play ‘Bitch Better Have My Money!”

Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus’ legal battle has come to an end. Us Weekly Lowry’s defamation action against DeJesus has been abandoned, according to reports. The turmoil on Teen Mom 2stars, on the other hand, is not over.

Both Lowry and DeJesus released remarks following the announcement. “I won,” DeJesus simply told Celebuzz. She praised her legal triumph on social media and shared photographs of a clown outfit, mirror, and other goods that she planned to send to Lowry.

The Teen Mom: Family Reunion The image was accompanied by a star that was inscribed next to it. “Alexa play ‘b*tch better have my money!” Lowry also issued a longer message on her Instagram account, emphasizing that the decision was not final. “Unfortunate,” she says, but she’ll concentrate on her family at this time.

“While today’s ruling is unfortunate, I have to respect the judge’s decision,” Lowry stated. “With that being said, I stand by my truth and the information spread about me is still not true,” She wrote. “I would like to thank my legal team for fighting for me, and I am looking forward to life after this lawsuit so I can focus my energy solely on my boys and my future business endeavors.”

The entire drama began in June 2021. Lowry filed a lawsuit against DeJesus, alleging that her co-star unjustly accused him of being the perpetrator. Lowry, the presenter of the Coffee Convos Podcast, assaulted Chris Lopex and then broke into his home.

Lowry was accused of assaulting Lopez at first, but the charges were later withdrawn. She also refuted the charge of breaking and entering. According to the court’s decision, DeJesus’s remarks about the incident were “substantially true.”

Soto’s statement about ‘breaking and entering’ does not change the gist of the statement that Lowry had been arrested,” the judge said. “It was widely publicized that Lowry had been arrested for domestic violence and Soto’s comments on the issue were substantially true. The damage to Lowry’s reputation, if any, had already occurred when the incident was publicized by news media.”

As per US Magazine, the fact that there was “insufficient evidence” that DeJesus knew DeJesus was lying was admitted. Despite the fact that the dispute was eventually resolved, DeJesus made it obvious that she understood her remarks were incorrect.


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