Kanye West Suffers another Setback during Divorce from Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Suffers another Setback during Divorce from Kim Kardashian

That was what you had to expect from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It would have been a difficult divorce. The hip-hop legend’s court struggle with his ex-wife suffered another setback. What’s going on is as follows.

Losing another Ally

Anyone who has been following West and Kardashian’s divorce knows that he has gone through a lot of lawyers. West sacked Chris Melcher, his fourth counsel because the relationship was growing strained.

West is said to have been undecided about whether he wanted to fight or keep friends. He kept his connection with Samantha Spector, a well-known divorce attorney, going. Nicole Young was Nicole Young’s lawyer during her divorce from Dr. Dre.

That Didn’t Last Long

Spector is seeking to depart, according to new court records. She’s asked to be freed of her role as counsel. “There has been an irreconcilable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship,” she writes. Deborah Hong, West’s new attorney, will take over the case from Spector.

However, there is one major flaw: Hong isn’t a divorce lawyer. Her website claims that she specializes in corporate deals. West will most likely have to reopen the Yellow Pages to find another lawyer.

How’s Kanye West holding up?

West opened the year 2022 with a flurry of public outbursts concerning his children. On Instagram, he expressed his feelings. “My kids were not allowed to go to Sunday Service yesterday and there are multiple times where the schedules were changed last minute Which alienated me as a parent which is illegal thank God.”

In another post, he lamented that an alien pin was on North West’s backpack when he was ‘allowed’ to visit her last week, writing “This was on my daughter’s backpack when I was ‘allowed’ to see her last week.”

“Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school,” Kardashian said.

As per Hollywoodlife, West has been unusually silent in recent months, only turning out to announce a McDonald’s relationship. One can’t help but think he’ll lash out at some point over this new annoyance. Kardashian hasn’t fired any of her lawyers, as far as anyone knows. A situation like this necessitates steadfastness.

It’s easy to get misinformed

The divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has sparked a lot of rumors. Life & Style Kardashian was said to be fighting for sole custody of her children. Both parties appear to want joint custody, but getting things in order is challenging. There were rumors that the pair were reconciling.

That is clearly not the case. Kardashian and West must find a way to remain friends and co-parents in the future. West might be able to find the proper lawyer to help them get there.


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