Meredith Marks Refuses to Call the Authorities on Jen Shah: ‘That’s a Revolting Accusation’

Meredith Marks Refuses to Call the Authorities on Jen Shah: ‘That’s a Revolting Accusation’

Meredith Marks is setting the record. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City continued exactly where last week’s episode left off, with tensions high between the ladies during a dinner on the first night of their trip to Zion.

After Jen Shah questioned Meredith about hiring a private investigator, the two actually fought before Whitney Rose asked Meredith why she and Mary Cosby decided not to travel with the rest of the group a second time.

“The fact that you were not on the van today and you were not on the van in Vail, it looks like you may have had something to do with the fact that Jen was indicted,” Whitney said.

In response, Meredith laughed and replied, “Oh, that’s a joke! If that’s what you all believe, goodbye! These aren’t my real friends. I’m out!”

Whitney followed Meredith inside the villa as she got up from the dinner table to explain why she said what she did.

“Meredith, that is what was f—— talked about on the bus,” Whitney said, to which Meredith replied, “That’s a revolting accusation. I had nothing to do with her arrest, I had nothing to do with any of it.”

Despite Whitney’s attempts to calm her down and explain the situation in greater detail, Meredith refused to participate, declaring herself “disgusted.”

Meredith told Whitney again as she tried to share her viewpoint “There is no side! I had nothing to do with Jennifer Shah’s arrest.”

Meredith returned downstairs a few moments later and shared her thoughts on the accusations with Jen, Lisa Barlow, Whitney, Heather Gay, and Jennie Nguyen.

“If you guys think that I’m feeding evidence to the FBI, that’s f—— insane,” she said. “I feel like every time I’m around you guys, I’m being attacked, and I have done nothing but be honest with everybody. And I would not feed information on somebody — I don’t have information to feed.”

Meredith added in her confessional, “This makes absolutely no sense, like, I didn’t ride in the van with you guys, so now I suddenly fed the FBI all this information on Jen? I’m so flattered these women think I’m more powerful than the FBI, but I think they could find Jennifer Shah without me.”

Meredith remained in front of the group and asked who among them had accused her of giving evidence against Jen to the authorities. As the ladies tried to defend themselves, they all had different perspectives on what was said about Meredith allegedly tipping off the authorities.

Later in the episode, after leaving the group again, Meredith called her son, Brooks Marks, to discuss the trip’s disastrous start. However, while she was on the phone, Jen knocked on her door and asked if they could talk privately.

When Meredith agreed, she told Jen once more that she had nothing to do with her arrest.

“I didn’t think that you did,” Jen said, before asking if Meredith was aware that she would be arrested. Meredith responded, “Of course not. How could I have known what was going on that day?”

“I have been very honest. I have an immense amount of compassion for you, and I don’t want to see your family suffer, I don’t want to see anybody suffer, ever,” Meredith said, before comforting Jen who was in tears.


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