Tom Cruise Rumored To Be Pursuing Lady Gaga By Giving Her Too Much Attention

Tom Cruise Rumored To Be Pursuing Lady Gaga By Giving Her Too Much Attention

According to a recent rumor, Tom Cruise has a thing for Lady Gaga, but the singer of “Poker Face” has reportedly put the gorgeous American actor in the friend zone.

According to the National Enquirer’s upcoming May 30, 2022 issue, Lady Gaga astonished Tom Cruise with “Hold My Hand,” her passionate theme song for his new film Top Gun: Maverick.

The former lover of the “Paparazzi” singer has been blowing up her phone since then.

Lady Gaga is alleged to have been lavished with gifts and flowers by Tom Cruise, who even pleaded with her to spend more time with him.

An unknown insider spoke to the entertainment news outlet and mentioned: “Tom has always been a fan and personally reached out to Gaga to write the song. It’s no surprise he developed a huge crush on her after they worked together.”

Lady Gaga, according to sources close to the matter, isn’t falling for Tom Cruise’s hook since she’s head over heels in love with businessman beau Michael Polansky.

The “Bad Romance” singer, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 2019 for her remarkable performance in A Star Is Born, isn’t completely ignoring the Mission: Impossible Fallout star, according to another unidentified source, because ” she also knows he can be a big help to her acting career.”

Earlier this month, Tom Cruise publicly praised Lady Gaga for her original song for the Top Gun: Maverick film. The Jack Reacher star also talked about his recent journey to Las Vegas to attend the “Judas” singer’s residency.

According to E! News’ Daily Pop, Tom Cruise said he was just “entertained, and [Lady Gaga] blew us all away. I have so much respect for her.”

He added: “[‘Hold My Hand’] matches and brings a level of cinematic emotion to this. When I heard it, I was like, ‘You’re over there, we’re over here, and somehow, we are telling the same story here,’ and it just works in a way that took those moments and they became more transcendent. So, I just think she’s a force of nature, and I love Gaga.”

As per epic stream, Suri Cruise’s father also disclosed the most outrageous thing he did during the sequel’s filming.

“The craziest thing that I saw was how close those walls were as we’re going through it. That was crazy. We were going through it with the G-force in those jets, and flying with those men and women that know how to command those aircraft, and to be able to fly in it was so much fun,” Tom Cruise said in the same E! News reports.

Tom Cruise has yet to comment on reports that he has a thing for Lady Gaga. Fans of Katie Holmes’ ex-ardent lover should take all of these unverified claims with a grain of salt unless everything is proven authentic and right.


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