Ella Henderson Criticizes Body Shamers and Encourages People to ‘Just Be Kinder’

Ella Henderson Criticizes Body Shamers and Encourages People to ‘Just Be Kinder’

Ella Henderson has spoken out against body shamers, urging people to “just be kinder.”

The ‘Brave’ singer has spoken out against the pressures that young women face to fulfill “unrealistic” beauty standards, and she encourages her fans to love themselves for “who you are.”

She told the Metro newspaper’s Guilty Pleasures column: “Just be kinder. Also, what is the ‘perfect’ mold now?

“I saw the best meme the other day of all the body shapes over the decades of what’s deemed perfect, and each one is different. We just reinvent whatever it is.

“We’re letting a generation grow up to aspire to things that are so unrealistic. The move we can send out the message of embracing who you are; whatever you look like, wherever you come from, whatever background, it doesn’t matter.”

As per KDH News, the former X Factor star has also addressed the topic in her new single, ‘Ugly,’ which she describes as “a week in the life of Ella.”

She said: “The opening lyric is, ‘Too thing, too smart, Monday, don’t fit in my jeans, stretch marks. I’m letting you know what it’s like, a week in the life of Ella.

“When I speak to fans before or after gigs, they’re like, ‘I love you, what you see is what you get.’ That’s what I’ve always wanted to stand for.”

The 26-year-old singer has released her second album, ‘Everything I Didn’t Say,’ eight years after her debut, ‘Chapter One,’ and she is thrilled to be sharing so much personal information on it.

Ella stated that because of a long time between releases, she has a lot to share with her fans.

She further said: “Everything is on here: the good, the bad, the ugly, my personal insecurities, relationships, my friends, break-ups.

“I want fans to feel like I’m giving them everything, because I feel like I wasn’t.”


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