Twitter Reacts to Amber Heard Allegedly Using Elon Musk As A Rebound After Johnny Depp Split

Twitter Reacts to Amber Heard Allegedly Using Elon Musk As A Rebound After Johnny Depp Split

Christian Carino, Amber Heard‘s former agent, gave a lengthy pre-recorded deposition on Wednesday during Johnny Depp’s ongoing defamation trial against his ex-wife.

Carino — who also functioned as Depp’s agent for a short time — described her romance with Elon Musk during his deposition. After parting up with Depp, the “Aquaman” actress started dating the SpaceX and Tesla CEO, reported IB Times.

When Carino was questioned if Heard moved on to dating Musk “immediately after Johnny Depp,” he confirmed it. But, he claims, Heard didn’t truly love the billionaire.

In an email on Aug. 7, 2017, Heard told Carino, “Dealing with a breakup. I hate when things go public. See I’m so sad,” Vanity Fair reported.

Carino said he believed Heard was referring to her breakup with Elon. So, he replied to her, as quoted by Daily Mail, “You weren’t in love with him. You told me 1,000 times you were just filling space.”

When asked what Carino meant by his previous message, he said, “Why would you be sad if you weren’t in love with him, to begin with?” Depp’s lawyer asked him to identify the person he was referring to.

“Elon,” he said.

In another email, Heard wrote, “I hate that, yet again a man lets me fall on the spikes by myself.” Carino responded, asking her, “How so?”

Heard said they were “mad at me for leaving them and put things like this out there,” referring to their romance and breakup going public. 

Carino gave Heard unsolicited advice: “You could avoid all this if you stop dating uber-famous people.”

When questioned what he meant by his message to Heard, Carino stated she should have kept her distance from renowned people if she didn’t want to be in the press.

Carino was convinced that Heard still loved Depp even after filing for divorce. In a July 14 email, she told him, “It’s so f–ked up I just want to tell him that what they’re telling him isn’t true.” In another email sent to Carino at about the same time, the “London Fields” star wrote, “Please tell him I love him,” referring to Depp.

After learning that Musk was just Heard’s rebound, a number of internet users reacted.

“Elon Musk was just talked about in the Johnny Depp trial as Amber Heard’s rebound,” one wrote with hush face and upside-down face emojis.  

“Omg Elon Musk was a rebound wow. [H]oly crap that’s going to hurt hearing that for the first time,” another added.  

“It’s funny to me that she was just using Elon as a rebound all that money and hair transplant, and you’re still just a rebound @elonmusk,” another tweeted with multiple faces with tears of joy emojis.

Musk was one of Heard’s possible defamation witnesses in the ongoing case. His lawyer, Alex Spiro, told E! News on Wednesday that he will not testify in the case.

After a year of dating, Heard and Musk broke up in August 2017. They split up because “timing wasn’t good for them,” according to an unnamed source who spoke to Us Weekly. Musk was focused on his business, while Heard was in Australia filming “Aquaman.”


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