How Did Kim Kardashian Persuade Kanye West Cheat On Her With Irina Shayk?

How Did Kim Kardashian Persuade Kanye West Cheat On Her With Irina Shayk?

Life & Style stated that Kim Kardashian assumed long and hard before understanding that West had been stating Shayk’s name though they were still married.

And since the West started a relationship soon after they proclaimed their divorce, Kardashian guessed that they were previously having an affair a few weeks earlier.

“Was Kanye talking to Irina while he was still married to Kim? It’s certainly got Kim looking back on all the times Irina came up in conversation,” the source said.

The insider made further claims that Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner also has some queries.

Just like Jenner, Kardashian wants some answers from her ex-husband. But she’s set this away because she has kids to take care of.

“Kim is choosing to focus on the future rather than the past. Kanye has moved on, that much is clear, and so has she,” the source said.

In the interim, there has been a batch of reports nearby West.

At the start of June, Star stated that Shayk is just using the star because of his money and connections.

“Though the romance is still fresh, the couple already feel majorly connected. For one, Kanye, worth a reported $6.6 billion, is Irina’s type. She tends to attract high-profile, wealthy men who can show her a good time and give her
expensive gifts,” the source said.

Though, the source goes into reverse a bit by saying that Kanye West and Shayk also have a sole and very robust connection.

“Irina and Kanye can relate to each other. They’ve both been in high-profile breakups, are parents who adore their kids, and share a love of fashion and music. Irina studied music and plays piano, and that impresses the heck out of
Kanye. And she’s fashion-savvy – just the way he likes his partner,” the source said.

The micky said, it is significant that Shayk has been employed as a perfect for years. So, it’s harmless to accomplish that she has her own money. It’s doubtful for Bradley Cooper’s ex to be using Kanye West.


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