Is Meghan Markle Really A Vamp!

Is Meghan Markle Really A Vamp!

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is reportedly hated in the UK with her beloved husband Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The situation was not always the same as today. They have had good days too. The 39 years old American actress had a lovey-dovey relationship with 36 years-old Prince Harry before marriage and people were considering them very kind and passionate to each other.

As the world knows that Harry was too young when her mother Diana died of a tragic car accident he found difficulty coping with the loss. He was rebellious and furious, always ready to surround himself with danger. He even went to Afghanistan with the troops. On the other hand, Meghan was making her dreams come true and making some really good moves in the film industry while struggling with her marriage.

Before marriage, Harry met Meghan, fall in love, and decided on the Megxit even then. Therefore, they didn’t ditch the royal family suddenly, it was a pre-planned decision.

Page Six quoted the report of The Sun: “The seeds of Megxit were sown before they even got married. The truth is that Harry had been deeply unhappy for a long time.”

According to the New York Post’s Page Six column, a former longtime friend said, “Markle had always wanted to be “Princess Diana 2.0,” while royal biographer Andrew Morton has written that the duchess cried watching the funeral of her husband’s mother on TV in 1997”.

While interviewing Oprah, Harry revealed that they have been married earlier before the day when they publically got wed and the audience was shocked. Well! He revealed many other truths but most of them are untrue. Meghan seems true to the allegations she made on Kate and Princess Anne.

Harry Is A Rebellious Prince!

When we see that how happy Prince would be with his wife who is popularly known as a social climber, we realize that they are making their own family, seeking unnecessary attention, and expanding their family as much as they can.

Harry always has been a child who doesn’t want to stay in the royal family and he always found waiting for an exit. His marriage is considered an entry in America. If it would have untrue, he didn’t move to the US so early after marriage.

His purpose just to express himself on the media is just to puke the poison he is carrying in his heart for his father and royal culture. On the other hand, he is behaving like a ‘royal celebrity’ who is making money by showing his so-called wound to the world.

The royal family clearly understands the mental condition of Harry, therefore, they are showing support to their ‘rebellious family member’ by criticizing Meghan for all this drama. Soon, Harry will come up with new bombs and they will continue till the end.

The royal family is too controlling and just giving time to Harry and Markle to eat their own words, but the situation is getting worst.

We are waiting for the news of Meghan Markle is sadly died of an accidental or natural death soon and we know who will be her killers.


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