Nicole Kidman is Left Out of Tom Cruise’s Career Montage at Cannes: “We worked together to find the tone”

Nicole Kidman is Left Out of Tom Cruise’s Career Montage at Cannes: “We worked together to find the tone”

Someone was left off of Tom Cruise‘s career retrospective montage at the Cannes Film Festival.

She may have been married to the superstar for over a decade and acted in three of his films, but there was not a single shot of Nicole Kidman in the comprehensive collection of clips from Cruise’s long career.

Sure, “Days of Thunder,” the film in which Kidman and Cruise met cute, was featured, but there was no footage of the two of them in a furious embrace. Instead, there were only photos of Cruise behind the wheel of a very fast car.

Yes, there were scenes from “Far and Away,” the huge historical epic in which Cruise and Kidman played Irish immigrants pursuing their fortune in 1890s America, complete with shaky accents. However, Cruise was seen riding a horse here. There was no sign of Kidman.

And, of course, “Eyes Wide Shut,” the final picture from the auteur-iest of auteurs Stanley Kubrick (the French love their filmmakers! ), made the cut.

That sexual movie starred Cruise and Kidman as a married couple whose relationship is tested when the wife admits she considered having an affair. But Cannes didn’t use anything from the pair’s heartbreaking confessional moments. Instead, we see Cruise removing a mask.

Other Cruise co-stars were featured in the roughly 10-minute video, which aired both before the luxurious Cannes premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” and before the actor’s Master Class on Wednesday afternoon.

Dustin Hoffman (“Rain Man”), Kristen Dunst (“Interview With the Vampire”), Renée “you complete me” Zellweger (“Jerry Maguire”), and Penelope Cruz (“Vanilla Sky”) were among the stars. There were also plenty of scenes showing Cruise as Ethan Hunt saving the world in different “Mission: Impossible” adventures, Yahoo reported.

While Kidman was not shown in the lengthy montage, Cruise did speak about their previous collaboration at the Master Class.

Responding to a question about an emotionally devastating scene in “Eyes Wide Shut” in which Kidman describes a graphic extramarital fantasy to an unflinching Cruise, the actor said, “We worked together to find the tone: [Stanley Kubrick], Nic and I.”


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