The Queen II Is In Trouble! New Crisis Is Sheer Embarrassment

The Queen II Is In Trouble! New Crisis Is Sheer Embarrassment

She’s been warned her days are numbered

It is an open secret that British Monarchs have to spend the toughest year of their lives. The COVID inflicting havoc on public events, to Harry and Meghan going reprobate and airing the royals’ alleged dirty laundry, the firm took part in making counter-attacks.

But seems like royals are extending the olive branch ever so slightly, things have taken a turn for the worst. Harry got reunited in the UK at the funeral ceremony of Prince Philip, naming his daughter after the Queen herself, the Sussex vs. Monarchy feud may have already caused irreversible harm for the years-old organization.

As per a report from Vanity Fair, the monarch and the family members are moving towards an “existential crisis” because of internal family fighting. 

Talking with the publication, Say Your Mind pop culture podcast host Kelechi Okafor appealed the Firm is launch to “fall to pieces” following all the bad press it has been receiving.

“The Queen is a figurehead for an empire that refuses to understand that its days are gone,” Kelechi told the publication.

“Diana came along…and then Meghan Markle came along, and everything started to fall to pieces.”

Harry and Meghan just lately greeted their first daughter into the world. The couple named Lilibet after the Queen’s years-old nickname.

It feels like a sweet tribute to Her Majesty, even telling it may have been the Harry and Markle try at spreading an olive branch to their family across the pond, others were skeptical as to why the royals required to subordinate themselves with the foundation, they have openly criticized. 

The couple had a restrained relationship with the royals for years now, a relationship that finally ended in their choice to step back from their royal duties back in 2020. Since then, both have lived a life of independence and worked to set the record conventional as to what life is really like behind the Buckingham Palace curtains. 

The couple famously appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year. However, a source has recently revealed that Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana, may not have been too keen on the decision. 

The wrote, one of Princess Diana’s closest confidantes, James Colthurst, suggested that the Princess of Wales would have intervened before the interview with Oprah. 

The friend of 20 years told the Radio Times that he thought Diana would have warned her son to go about resolving his family issues differently.

“I’m not sure he would have got to the interview stage,” James said. 

He continued: “I believe she might have cautioned him beforehand to solve things in some other way.”


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