Tony Baker’s son dies in a car accident at age of 21

Tony Baker’s son dies in a car accident at age of 21

Comedian Tony Baker has been in mourning since the death of his 21-year-old son, Certain Baker, in a car accident on August 3rd, along with two other people.

Authorities were called to the scene of a car crash at 11:50 p.m. on Tuesday night, according to a press release from the Burbank Police Department.

According to the release, when police and paramedics arrived, they found that three passengers in a silver Volkswagen were ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. According to the press release, a fourth passenger was taken to a local hospital with “serious injuries.” A second vehicle was also involved, but only one passenger was hospitalized with “serious injuries,” according to authorities.

Investigators said they are looking into the crash after speaking with two passengers in a Mercedes Benz who said they had no injuries. According to the press release, police believe the Mercedes Benz was “racing” the Kia when it collided with the Volkswagen.

Tony and Crain’s mother, Cherie Whitehead, spoke to a news outlet about the accident on Thursday. Tony told the newscasters, “It feels like it’s not real. We get waves of grief. We sob uncontrollably. Then it’s back to regular conversation.”

Crain’s brother, Center, added, “I went to school with him, I’m just a year younger. You could tell how everyone liked him.”

Tony later issued a statement on Instagram thanking friends, family, and followers for their condolences. “Myself and My Family are overwhelmed with the love and care from friends, fans, and complete strangers. I FEEL the love. I see the text messages and some of the DM’s and just want you all to know that it’s appreciated,” he wrote in part. “I know I am not alone and we are blessed to have soo many people to lean on, cling to, and call. I loved that boy so much.”

At this time, no arrests have been made in the investigation. “In my 19-year-career, I haven’t seen anything like this, personally. Not to this magnitude and this level of debris over a two-city block span,” said Burbank Police Department Sgt. Emil Brimway told ABC 7 News.


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