Valerie Bertinelli Allegedly ‘Gorging’ After Messy Divorce: Source

Valerie Bertinelli Allegedly ‘Gorging’ After Messy Divorce: Source

Valeria Bertinelli here. Do you seem to be gaining weight at an alarming rate? According to one report, she is coping with her divorce by “gorging” herself. At first glance, it appears to be a blatant fat-shaming story designed to humiliate Bertinelli during a difficult time. Gossip Cop looks into it to see if there’s anything to it, as per Suggest Beat.

This is an extract from the National Enquirer.

‘Chef Valerie’s Divorce A Recipe For Disaster’

Bertinelli is currently grieving the loss of her marriage to Tom Vitale. Eddie Van Halen, her husband of one year, has died. Insiders say she’s up to 205 pounds: “she’s not a partier, but she deals with stress by eating, and it’s gotten the best of her—again!”

Bertinelli discovered how seriously ill Van Halen was and ended their marriage. “After she buried Eddie, she knew she had lost both of them” a source reveals, “and that’s when she sought comfort in food.”Bertinelli’s doctor has warned against weight gain. “she’s a heart attack waiting to happen, and all the yo-yo dieting will make it more difficult for her to lose the weight again!”

Valerie Bertinelli’s Body Image

A recent interview with ETBertinelli shared her struggles with Her body image. She called it “a very toxic relationship and I think that being judged on your size is never OK.”She was taught from a young age that she “was unlovable if I gained weight—and that’s a lie. It’s a lie that all of us have learned or a lot of us have learned and we need to get that out of us. We are all lovable in and of ourselves.”

Bertinelli’s very open about her struggles. She said “I used to just [have] such a difficult relationship with food and I’m not going to do that anymore. It started off as love and now it’s back to love again.” It sounds like she’s finally in a good place in spite of all the stress.

Get in touch with It is cruel. It adds to the toxic standards Bertinelli is complaining about. The doctor quoted in this story has never treated Bertinelli, so they are speculating openly and dangerously. However, they are simply stating the obvious: heart disease is bad and dangerous. Obviously. Furthermore, unless this outlet weighed her, it would be impossible for it to know her exact weight to three significant figures. It’s all nonsense.

Everybody is in Crisis

Every week, another celebrity attempts to gain hazardously large amounts of weight. Get in touch with Jimmy Fallon, Kirsten Dunst, and Pamela Anderson have all faced body shaming. Add Jessica Simpson and Pamela Anderson for good measure. It’s nothing more than a trope.

Bertinelli’s mental health is better than it has been in a long time. Bertinelli appears to be content with her relationship with food and her body. This story is completely lacking of merit.


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