Will Smith Is Mad About Jada’s Past With An Actor, And There’s $350 Million Divorce On The Line, Anonymous Rumors

Will Smith Is Mad About Jada’s Past With An Actor, And There’s $350 Million Divorce On The Line, Anonymous Rumors

After Will Smith‘s behavior at the Academy Awards, society is going to keep an eye on him and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. The unique couple is once again the center of massive attention. The latest rumors about the Smiths that “Gossip Cop” has come upon are listed below.


Per the Globe, Will is supposedly livid over Jada’s friendship and reference to Queen Latifah. A supply defined, “Latifah has no time for Will and thinks Jada is too good for him… she’s encouraging Jada to do what she wants regardless of how Will feels.” Will apparently abruptly feels just like the third wheel in his personal marriage. A supply concluded, “Will thought they were finally heading in the right direction—until Latifah started butting in.”

This was a story that was rabidly offensive. It kept mentioning Latifah’s sexuality as proof that she was going to ruin Will’s marriage. Will and Latifah actually approach each other again. He helped her in getting her first film performance on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. By all means, there isn’t any hatred here.


With another report about Jada Pinkett Smith protecting Will under her thumb, The Globe focused on Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. The Independence Day star wants to divorce, but an insider claims he doesn’t trust his wife to keep his secrets, and his riches are in danger. “She just knows too much and she will spill if he ever breathes the word divorce,” the tipster concludes, arguing that Will can’t afford to have his partying scandals made public.

Non-disclosure agreements are a consideration, and given the amount of money at play, it’s not hard to believe Will might afford to pay for Jada’s silence. Having said that, there was no substance to this story. When it comes to the impossibility of divorce, Will and Jada are on the same page. The Smiths aren’t precisely private individuals, with the Crimson Desk Discussing providing each of them with a platform to air all kinds of details that some argue should have stayed personal.


Based on OK!, Will was fed up with Jada discussing their open marriage. He apparently resented his spouse’s frequent confessions on Crimson Desk Discuss. An insider mentioned, “Will’s telling Jada that if she doesn’t set some boundaries, it may be time for them to go their separate ways.” The revelations about August Alsina had been an excessive amount for Will to bear, the supply says, and he wished Jada to maintain a decent lip.

This news broke years after the Alsina affair became public, and the couple was still married. Will has appeared on Jada’s talk show several times over the years. He’s delighted to assist her. This story was false because they are still together.


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