Kanye West & Chaney Jones Break-Up: “They split amicably. There’s no bad blood”

Kanye West & Chaney Jones Break-Up: “They split amicably. There’s no bad blood”

Kanye was spotted with a new woman earlier this month.

After four months of dating, Kanye West and Chaney Jones have decided to call it quits. And the rapper has already been spotted with a fresh unknown woman.

The couple was first linked in January, just after Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian made public her romance with Pete Davidson. Chaney’s strong resemblance to Kim and Kanye’s repeated promises to bring Kim back increased public interest in their relationship, as per The Things reported.

Kanye and Chaney have been seen traveling together several times in recent months, and he is a frequent feature on her Instagram. Chaney even received a permanent reminder of Kanye when she came out with ‘Ye’ inked on her wrist.

What Really Happen Between Kanye & Chaney

Although Kanye, 44, and Chaney, 24, have been close about the reason for their split, sources insist there is no bad blood between the recent ex-couples. According to Us Weekly, “Kanye and Chaney are done.” “They split amicably. There’s no bad blood, things just fizzled.”

Chaney has also erased all references to the rapper from her Instagram, but she continues to follow him.

Sources informed TMZ in February that Kanye and Chaney were keeping their affair casual and “not official,” which hinted that the couple wasn’t in it for the long haul.

However, Kanye looks to have moved on from the breakup. The Yeezy founder was spotted with Monica Corgan at a Top Gun: Maverick screening earlier this month. Monica is said to be an influencer and model with 35,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s unclear whether Kanye and Monica are dating or merely seeing each other on the side.

Kim’s friendship with Pete Davidson, on the other hand, is far from casual. While Kanye has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with his now-ex-new wife’s relationship, he has been quieter in recent months, amid rumors that Kim and Pete are discussing moving in together.

Kanye bought a home just across the street from Kim’s mansion earlier this year in order to be closer to their four children. If Pete moves in with Kim, he might be living just across the street from Kanye.

 “Their relationship continues to grow. They’re very secure with their relationship and talk future plans and moving in together,” an insider shared.

However, given Kanye’s active dating life – he also had a fling with Julia Fox earlier this year – it could be an indication that the rapper is finally accepting that things are over between him and Kim.


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