Look Inside Dolly Parton’s Tour Bus “Gyspy Wagon”

Look Inside Dolly Parton’s Tour Bus “Gyspy Wagon”

Where does the great singer Dolly Parton rest up after working “9 to 5”? of course, her tour bus.

Thanks to Dollywood, you can now reserve that tour bus—Parton called it the “Gyspy Wagon”—by yourself!

To promote a special accommodation option the park is providing, Dollywood recently released photographs of the “Gypsy Wagon”. Up to two guests can stay at least two nights in “Dolly Suite 1986” (aka on the tour bus). The starting price for doing so is $10,000.

According to a Dollywood press release, Parton is not only a hugely successful country music icon but also a “free-spirited traveler,” so it makes sense that her tour bus is styled with her personality.

Dollys tour bus sitting room
Sitting room in Dolly’s tour bus. (Curtis Hilbun / The Dollywood Company)

In accordance with that press release, Parton traveled across the country on this tour bus for 13 years, from 2008 to 2022. She traveled the most during that period when she was on her 2016 “Pure & Simple” tour, where she visited more than 60 cities in North America.

The interior of the bus reveals a beautifully-curated selection of goods and furniture that are so Dolly Parton, even though the exterior of the bus might simply look like an ordinary tour bus (apart from the huge, pink “Dolly” sticker).

Visitors are welcomed by a sitting room that has a distinct ’70s vibe and is furnished with vintage items like a vintage phone. But don’t worry, there is a modern television!

Dollywood reports that Parton requested the hand-painted murals that grace the walls of this room particularly.

According to the press release, “These unique paintings of wayfaring wanderers, wagons, and crystal balls paint the interpretation of life on the road for the singer.”

Dolly bus bedroom features
The bedroom (Curtis Hilbun / The Dollywood Company)

Enter the bedroom next, which is unquestionably the most stereotypical “Dolly” room you’ll likely ever see.

The bedroom has many jewel-toned details, including hot pink and blue wall decorations. Even the bedding, which includes fluffy pink cushions, is a signature hot pink.

Additionally, her makeup vanity is also on display, complete with a makeup mirror, flowers in a vase, and a pink and purple vanity chair to match.

Partons closer in Tour bus
Parton’s closer, complete with accessories. (Curtis Hilbun / The Dollywood Company)

As per Yahoo, visitors can view some of the singer’s attire and accessories by opening the closet door.

Partons wigs in Tour bus
Parton’s trademark wigs. (Curtis Hilbun / The Dollywood Company)

And the bedroom’s most eye-catching feature: Parton’s wig cabinet. It seems sensible that the singer would want some of her wigs on display for her guests given that Parton has admitted that her wigs have sort of become her “trademark” over the years.


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