Tom Cruise Supposedly Insulted Nicole Kidman: Reports

Tom Cruise Supposedly Insulted Nicole Kidman: Reports

Is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman feuding? According to one tabloid, the famous ex-couples were “at each other’s throats.” Let’s check up on the co-stars of Eyes Wide Shut.

‘Bitter’ Tom Cruise ‘Slaps Down’ Nicole Kidman?

According to this week’s GlobeReports, Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman are not getting along. During this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Cruise showed a video montage of his decades-long career in advance of his highly anticipated Maverick: Top Gun.

Despite having been in several films with Cruise, Kidman did not make the cut, according to reports. While such exclusion would not normally make headlines, many of Cruise’s female co-stars, including his ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz, attended, as per suggest reported.

“This was a real kick in the teeth for Nicole but Tom couldn’t care less,” An insider’s guide to cooking. “He did this very deliberately as a way of clearly telling Nicole and the world that he has zero respect for her.

It’s no secret her comments about him and their marriage in interviews have infuriated Tom, while his other exes mostly have kept a dignified silence!”Sources warn that the move could backfire on him.

“He’s asking for trouble, though, because it’s highly likely she’ll address this and call him out for holding such petty grudges!”The tipster muses.

Cruises ‘Zero Respect’Kidman?

This is an unusual report. First and first, Nicole Kidman wouldn’t mind if she wasn’t mentioned in this story. Cruise’s career-high points?

The video was made especially to honor Cruise. And, given that Cruise and Kidman’s marriage is still making headlines despite the fact that it ended over 20 years ago, it’s very possible that whoever put together the montage didn’t want Cruise’s career highlight overshadowed by the remainder of his second marriage.

Of course, the magazine fails to note that Cruise mentioned Kidman favorably in a Q&A.

The festival will take place later. I was questioned about a tragic scene that occurred during the festival. Wide-open Eyes Cruise replied. “[Stanley Kubrick], Nic, and I worked to find the tone.” Clearly, Cruise isn’t averse to all reminders of Kidman.

Cruise and Kidman have never publicly criticized each other. True, Kidman has spoken out against the pitfalls of young marriage. Having said that, she has never criticized his character. It’s hardly unexpected that Cruise exists.

In reality, 2005 was Cruise’s best year. Cruise spoke glowing terms of his ex-wife. “I love Nic. Very much. There’s no question,” He spoke to an interviewer. “I want Nicole to be happy… That’s what I want.”

Despite the magazine’s efforts to invent a feud between Cruise and Kidman, it’s clear that the exes have no ill blood. The couple’s decision to split up appears to have been mutual, and they’re happier for it, but this talk about Cruise having “zero respect” for Kidman is completely inappropriate.

The Tabloid on Tom Cruise

This is an expected report coming from the Globe. According to the source, Cruise was “terrified” of dating again last year. According to the magazine, Cruise planned to propose to Hayley Atwell after meeting her on the set of Mission: Impossible 7.

The publication also stated that Cruise was recognizable after receiving too much Botox. The Globe obviously has no idea what’s going on in Tom Cruise’s life.


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